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Broken Turtle Blog

Sunday, March 7, 2010

Thank God We've Got a White President

In response to "Between Barack and a Hard Place," I voted for Barack Obama for President, and would do so again today. He is a credit to his race-- as a white man myself I'm proud he's one of us, and of course as a black guy he's damn good too.

Yes, Obama has his work cut out for him: he must find a way to be "white" in some essential cultural sense, despite his visual image, which cannot hide behind his leveled American-English accent. Nor can he grow a comely beard like ugly Lincoln, or find strong sons, like FDR, to lift him legless over the gulf of polio.

Is hatred a fixed stone, or a wiley beast? As any President, Obama will have his array of enemies, and for the standard legion of reasons. And what do enemies do? Anything available. If religion, race or gender is available, have at it! Thus there is more racism than there are racists, more sexism that sexists, more narrow-mindedness than narrow-minded people. Most hatred is convenience, and President Obama is convenient.

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