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Broken Turtle Blog

Saturday, June 21, 2014

From Publisher to Promoter

Today, Broken Turtle Books will be inaugurating a transition from Delaware book publisher to Delaware book list, featuring works by a great variety of Delaware writers. Our first event will be today at the Hockessin Art and Book Fair at the P.A.L. Center in Hockessin. Give the plethora of instruments for low-run publishing, our business plan seems obsolete, but our mission is on course: To promote books to repair a broken world, works that stand outside the metropole of grantsmanship, academic workshops, and sycophancy. Not that you should eschew grants from chateaux country, when you can get them, but they are not the way to create a literature of empowerment.
Anyway, look for a revamped web site that promotes not only books under our own imprint, but books by other authors at the cutting edge of the margins.
Look for us today in Hockessin, and look for us wherever troublemakers are troubling the discourse.

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